Thursday, September 13, 2012

Innocence of Muslims Trailer

I can assure you this movie is not coming to a theater near you anytime soon. 
I’ve written on here about some controversial films.  But Serbian Film, the Bunny Game and Human Centipede don’t come anywhere near the level of controversy of Innocence of Muslims.  The U.S state department said this got the U.S. Ambassador to Libya assassinated without having any kind of theatrical release.  The producer of the film’s identity is unknown and the actors involved with the film are in the media saying that they were mislead as to the film’s content.   That is probably a very  good thing for them to say as soon as possible for their personal safety.  Innocence of Muslims is a weird, anti-Muslim propaganda film in which the Prophet Mohammad engages in pedophilia and homosexuality, brutal murder, and fabrication of the Quran for the sake of defrauding his followers.  Michael Savage was banned from entering the UK for making statements about Islam far more moderate.  People like Salmon Rushdie and the makers  of South Park received death threats for much less provocative statements about the Prophet. 
It may seem a mote point, but based on the trailer, the film also probably doubles as one of the worst films of all time.   The costumes look like they were taken from some kids’ Christmas pageant at some church somewhere.  They shot on blue screen and edited in the desert badly.   You have likely seen better acting in pornography.  The thought that this is art worth dying for is sort of hilarious.  The filmmakers appear to be mostly successful at coming up with an excellent way to get your head blown off- for whatever cinematic value that has.  
I don’t know in what form we may ever see this film released in its entirety- perhaps on some sort of hate webpage somewhere.  Based on the trailer I doubt I will not dedicate time to watching the film in its entirety. The only case in which I can see their being reason to do so would be if someone was a real specialist in U.S/Middle East relations.

Update: without getting into it all, it has since turned out that this video was made by a guy named Nakoula Nakoula who was in trouble for white collar crime.  The video had nothing to do with the murders at the U.S. embassy in Libya, it also turned out.

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