Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Film Review: Demon Seed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This film is a lost little gem from 1977. It’s what happens when you take the plotline of Rosemary’s Baby and you take out Satan and put HAL from 2001 in his place. Yes, you read me correctly this is a film about a woman who is raped and impregnated by an evil computer. I’ve seen them all around here, raped and impregnated by aliens, Raped and impregnated by creatures with tentacles, raped by a giant maggot. The concept of a woman being raped by a computer hadn’t occurred to me.This film actually works though, I think.
The premise of Demon Seed is the woman is raped by the machine in order to create the man/machine synthesis complete. It's amazing.
It’s weird the idea kind of is that the computer, Proteus, is composed internally of organic material and that it has figured out how to create synthetic DNA. The computer has an interesting little Oedipus complex insofar as it chooses the wife of its inventor. All the functions in the house are controlled by the computer so the house actually locks her in and holds her against her will. I’ll let the feminist film critics have a field day with that one-the woman is raped by her suburban home. That’s a good one.
This film has never gotten much attention. That’s too bad because it’s actually pretty good. Julie Christie is in it she’s a reasonably good actress. Dean Koontz is probably an underrated author.
There’s the whole bit about the computer being trapped in a box. I kind of like that. He says to the scientist “when are you going to let me out of this box?”. It’s because the computer has no real body and he wants to exist in the physical realm. His eyes are everywhere in the form of video cameras too.
The women gives birth to a sort of computer-boy fusion. It is very strange. There’s also all kinds of trippy, psychedelic looking images that are supposed to be the insides of the computer’s mind or something like that. I’m not sure it makes any sense. I’m not sure I care whether it makes any sense. It’s Demon Seed, only Demon Seed is Demon Seed. Boy does it look like and sound like an old 70’s film, too.
It’s pretty sweet. I’m surprised it never got a bigger following. It’ll freak you out-you won’t trust your laptop around your girlfriend for a week.
It’s hilarious, the woman gives birth to HAL.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Film Review! The Garbage Pail Kids Movie!

Do you remember the garbage pail kids from the 80’s? If you’re about my age you might. They were intended as a spoof on Cabbage Patch Kids dolls which were extremely popular at the time. It was a series of trading cards, much like baseball cards. They made a movie of it, which was one of those films that goes on list of bad movies, worst movies ever made, things like that. They have the characters from the cards played by dwarfs or midgets in costumes.
It is a very, very bad film. It’s a movie for children with no educational value or merit whatsoever. There’s a whole lot of bathroom humor in it. They have the character Windy Wendell who farts all the time. It is repulsive in all ways possible. Large-scale protests by parents in the 80’s got ads for the film taken off television.
But the thing that strikes me most about the film is that I can’t really think of a film that is uglier to look at. The garbage pail kid costumes are so repulsive I had to turn the film off. I could not stand the sight of them.
Nerd Ned, the character whose face is covered in scary looking acne, pees himself all the time in it.
Also, I couldn’t get a make on the storyline really. The boy who is about fifteen is bullied by full grown adults. And then he’s in love with the woman (full grown woman) that is the full grown leader of the bully gang’s girlfriend.
When they sing it gets pretty bad.
It’s sickening. It was intended to be a children’s film but I think it almost really belongs in the category of films like the Human Centipede films or the Guinea Pig videos of extreme horror cinema. That is because of the combination of the constant toilet humor and pre-occupation with poor hygiene, the use of repulsive puppets, and odd sexual content involving the very young teenage boy and the much older love interest. The combination of those elements is a lot to sit through. I would take a very good long look at a parent who let their children watch this film. That's not who watches it at this point though. It's the people that search out bad movies that watch it.
This thing is on YouTube don’t pay money for this shit. It’s disgusting. It’s for hardened fans of twisted cinema only.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Raped and Impregnated by a Monster Back in the 80’s part 3: It Won't Die!

This is a very odd little set of circumstances, this is probably worth my taking me time to express and explore a little bit. The greatest number of hits on my blog quite clearly comes from people looking up the subject of women being raped and impregnated by a monster, often an alien. Because I reviewed films like Inseminoid, this came up and it is a daily flood of hits.
The nature of these hits is really somewhat surprising. I would have assumed that it was from lonely men looking for pornographic images of this kind. However, I found that many of these same people had also hit on this:

This is an academic essay by a feminist film critic on the topic. I am generally not a fan of theory, but I encourage the reader to check this essay out. She also writes about the film Insemenoid, although she calls it by its alternate release title, Horror Planet. I’m no post-structural feminist by any stretch of the imagination. I’m
At the very least I would say that this suggests that the audience is more sophisticated then I would have thought. It is beyond a casual pornographic consumption then, these people are actually digging into the gender theory and the William Wheaton weirdness on this. You start doing that you’re getting into the question of the nature of the topic at that point. It’s all over the world too that my blogs on the subject get hits.
I’m not a leftist feminist. Elsewhere on here I have stated I support Ron Paul but my principle objection to him is that I’d like to see Julian Assange dealt with as an enemy spy. However, I have a darker understanding of these films then the author of the feminist article has. I think films like Insemenoid are essentially rape fantasies, really. More then anything else that’s what they are. Hell, Nancy Garrido was into The Unborn- in The Unborn the gynecologist is really a geneticist. That’s only a slight variation on the rape and impregnated by a monster theme, and Nancy helped kidnap Jaycee Dugard for purposes of rape. Dugard wrote about it in A Stolen Life, her memoir.
I also mocked those films for their special effects and music. I laughed at Inseminoid. My friends and I make jokes about Xtro and Inseminoid. I don’t even think the film Xtro is a good film. Breeders is completely absurd, the acting and script are terrible. I think my image for the audience of these films was kind of a comical stereotype of the pervert in the trench coat mixed with the sci-fi geek, someone who does not leave their home and has hair coming out of their palms. If you can’t find humor in Inseminoid what film can you find humor in? The soundtrack is something like five notes on an early synth!
Since the topic will not die, I have included more video images from Insemenoid with this blog.

I’m in danger of being type cast as the guy who writes about Inseminoid. That’s something.

More Wretched Music! Bitch Magnet!

The rumor that I heard recently is that Jon Fine, the guitarist for the band Bitch Magnet is actually worth some 26 million dollars, having something to do with his wife selling off an ad agency. I meet him once years ago, I did an interview with the band Coptic Light which Kevin Shea played in. I did a magazine interview with them that didn’t get used. Bitch Magnet are about to do a reunion. What Jon Fine needs to do is take his 26 million dollars and shut up. There is no reason for Bitch Magnet to do a reunion that band was crap to begin with. If you have 26 million dollars in the bank why on Earth you would need to publically make a fool of yourself in that way is beyond me.
This is something I’ve never understood- if a band has access to a powerhouse like Kevin Shea, why wouldn’t you turn the amps all the way up to eleven? Ah, but Fine could never do that- not really. That was the flaw with Coptic Light. Electric Turn To Me on the same label at the same time suffered from similar musical flaws- they also had the problem that they felt uncomfortable being described as “goth”, which is a related but separate flaw.
You can hear Fine’s musical failure right here-

Notice how not rocking the band was. It is much the same not rocking as a lot of crappy indie rock type music. The argument probably exists that Bitch Magnet are influential and ahead of their time for doing this kind of music in the late 80’s. I hope that isn’t true for their sake because if that’s true then they are responsible for producing a lot of crap.
Indie rock, what a bad idea that was! Once it started to take control it was like venereal disease and bedbugs, it was impossible to get rid off. After 2001 the press just wouldn’t shut up about it either.
Anyway, bad music comes full circle on some other very bad music I’ve written about lately. David Grubbs was in Bitch Magnet he went on to play in a band called Gastr Del Sol. Jim O’Rourke played with them, he now plays with Rick Moody, whose a washed-up author trying to do bad indie rock for God know what reason.
I do recall Jon Fine as being a very sharp guy in a lot of ways, but he was a weak link in what should have been a good band. Bitch Magnet is painful- with the winey sensitive artist vocals. They’re so bad it’s unreal.
Here, I like this band better. They’re at least bad in a funny way.

New Short Story: Grandma's in Heaven Now

A lone gunmen killed four people, before he took his own life. He took his own life down in Bucks County. It was a dozy of a case for a couple of reasons. I worked on this case. It was something.
First of all, it took place during a hurricane. Hurricane Irene was the worst hurricane to hit PA in many years. To make things even worse, the alleged gunmen was a military man with experience fighting overseas in Afghanistan and Iraq. He conducted his operations much in a military style, although over a family matter. Basically it was the kind of situation family courts are established to take care of, but when the courts had failed, he tried to deal with the situation with force. I am quite sure in his mind he was doing what he saw as being absolutely necessary for his daughter. I think he might have come back from the war a little tapped.
He had the six year old with him for a while, too.
“Grandmas in heaven” the little girl said.
There are a fair few veterans in the Bucks County area. There’s one guy you see around he has a tattoo for the USMC on one arm and on the other arm he has a cross and he’ll tell you that he’s got the cross because he has sinned. His sin was killing 27 Iraqis in combat, he’ll tell you.
I didn’t see the full file on the victims. In a lot of kidnappings the child is kidnapped by their own parents. This one is kind of similar. I don’t know exactly what the deal was, but the mother of his daughter, his ex-wife, his ex-wife’s mother, and the very young son of the mother’s new boyfriend were the victims. I think the boyfriend’s kid was kind of collateral damage, but the essence of his motivation was that he didn’t really want his daughter to be raised by the mother’s boyfriend. So in essence he was doing what he felt was necessary for his daughter. If the mom’s boyfriend does oxycodone and has a sex offense rap sheet, I could almost see it.
Obviously, it was quite complicated.
He did shoot at police though. That was something I was not a fan of. He’s solider so, he let of a bunch of rounds in the chase. That was right here in Bucks County, because that’s where the ex-wife’s mother lived.
He dropped the kid of with a local hospital and a note. I’m not allowed to disclose the contents of the note he left with the orderly.
We had SWAT after him and everything. His plan on the surface it looked smart, to use the hurricane to get away, police being otherwise occupied. SWAT don’t do disaster relief, so it didn’t work as well you might think.
I mean, the gunmen is dead. Took his own life to avoid capture. His goal appears to have been to insure that his daughter was not raised by the ex-wife, her boyfriend, or the wife’s mother. He was successful in making sure that would never happen because they are all dead. Most of us would say that what he did to his daughter would screw her up more than letting the wife raise the kid. I haven’t seen the files on the victims, so I don’t really know the answers to that. I don’t know what it is he saw and went through overseas either.
Anybody who left Bucks County when the storm was about to hit was very smart. We had to lock down people because of the gunmen while flooding was going on. It was madness. Excuse my language, but it was complete fucking insanity. I hated every second of it. You go door to door and tell someone whose home is being flooded not to leave the house because there’s a man with a semi-automatic running around stark raving mad?
That was terrible.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

More Wretched Music! The Strokes: Angles

We are now on the 10th anniversary of the release of The Strokes break away album, This is It, in which the Strokes broke away and became a hugely selling rock and roll band by playing their own brand of indie rock garage rock. Now they have a new album. You can listen to it here:
The fact that they broke out and became the huge commercial success that they did meant that endless art student types gave up whatever they were working on to create indie rock bands in Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan for a decade. The press became focused on bands over anything else. The money behind it all was a company called American Apparel, now under investigation everywhere for fraud and besieged with sexual harassment lawsuits. Thus was the rise of the modern hipster. I heard the term occasionally in the 90’s, but the hipster culture as we know it today was really as far as I can see shaped by the rise of the Strokes and American Apparel. The money for all the hipster magazines came from American Apparel, the myth of the indie pop garage band suddenly making a lot of cash came from the Strokes. And that was ten years of hipster crap in New York.
What does it sound like? How is this new album? You’ve got to be kidding me. It’s awful. They were always awful. This not Lou Reed with Metallica- there are no musical risks or unpredictable moves whatsoever. It isn’t especially heavy or energetic. One song sounds suspiciously like “Reeling in the Years” by Steely Dan. There’s not a lot on this album that the Kinks or the Ramones didn’t do, except when they throw in some eighties synth. If you count the songs with the synths there’s nothing on this album that wasn’t done by the Kinks, the Ramones or Roxy Music didn’t do. This album sounds like stock audio.
I was surprised to see that the Strokes sold out Madison Square Garden. There is still an audience for this band, but it is a mainstream audience. There’s no illusion about them representing any kind of fringe or underground. There’s nothing good or interesting about this band. There never was.
Here’s the footage of the band playing pin pong, among other things.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

More Awful Music! In the Grace of Your Love by the Rapture!

The new album by the band The Rapture officially comes out the first week of September, but it’s actually been available on-line for a while. It’s on this blog:

The Rapture came out in 1998 and started to get big early 2000’s along with the Strokes, Interpol, the White Stripes and a bunch of other indie rock bands very unexpectedly. They sounded more or less like a watered-down imitation of the very early days of the Cure but avoided looking at all “goth”. That would have been slightly taboo or out of fashion at the time to have he make-up or look of goth, they dressed like other bands of the time dressed with the tight jeans and the “metrosexual” haircuts.
Did I say they were good? They really were not. I hate The Strokes, I hate the Rapture. I hate the White Stripes. I hate them all.
Their official Myspace page describes them as playing “soul” music now. That’s sort of what they’re going for, something in that direction. They’re certainly going for more of a “dance” music thing and trying to sound like older black music these days.
Did I say their new album is good? No. I couldn’t sit through the whole album. I was surprised a little bit by what they now sound like, but it was just a different bad.

I doubt this album will do well commercially either. I think their era is gone. Occasionally I still hear the Strokes or The White Stripes played somewhere, not that often. A bunch of those bands still put out music though, but fewer people care. I was giving current metal bands and goth bands a hard time lately here and on the Jerry Magoo art blog because a lot of them can re-create the sound of bands from the 80’s faithfully but can’t seem to generate much new. That is still a lot better than the Rapture. The new Rapture album is completely boring and pointless. It’s an exercise in publicly defecating in your pants.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Book Review! Wikileaks by David Leigh and Luke Harding

This book came out a while ago, but it still has plenty of relevancy, I feel. I have strong opinions about the matter. I do not like Julian Assange.
I am a right-leaning American with sociopathic tendencies and a preoccupation with firearms undoubtedly tied to my grandfather. My candidate for the U.S. elections of 2012 is Republican Congressman Ron Paul. However, I do have a very serious bone of contention with Ron Paul. He doesn’t seem to take the Wikileaks thing seriously. I’d kind of like to see Assange in Gitmo.
The book I’m reviewing here, Wikileaks by David Leigh and Luke Harding was put out by the Guardian, a newspaper that worked closely with Julian Assange and his hacker organization Wikileaks. It did nothing to quell my general opinion that the United States should treat him as an enemy aggressor or enemy spy, effectively. It also did nothing to improve my view of private Bradley Manning who turned over thousands of documents to Julian Assmunch- I mean Assange. At one point the authors of the book state- Bradley Manning was not a traitor. Actually, he is a traitor.
Those guys had their hands on classified military and diplomatic information from the U.S. government. The diplomatic information they had that actually got released was relatively tame stuff and not all that surprising (China wasn’t crazy about North Korea, Suadi Arabia are terrified of Iran). The military stuff, the field reports from Afghanistan- yeah that’s where lives of the men and women serving the U.S. military overseas could have met really physical harm and death. Assange is an Australian who is like many annoying leftist Europeans, Canadians, and Aussies that go on and on about America is evil because of this and this. This book actually has quote where someone describes him as a “self-important pseudo-anarchist”. If you take the arguments him and Manning make about freedom of information then News of the World and Anthony Pellicano are completely justified in their actions. That is where my libertarian principles end. It’s one issue in which I agree more strongly with orthodox conservatives or the Tea Party than with Paul. There is an argument that the Wikileaks thing contributed to the Arab Spring, but Assange could not have planned that, and we still don’t know what the fall out from the Arab Spring is going to be.
Assange was a little hacker nobody cared about, but as Wikileaks exploded he was able to take advantage of the situation with some Swedish women. With one of those women the accusation was that he had intentionally ripped a condom. Well, It’s not so surprising.
Self important pseudo-anarchist. I like that one!
Here’s a video of Assange and his followers doing what they do best- whining.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wretched Music! Brandy, You’re a Fine Girl by Looking Glass

This song is one I only seem to hear when passing through a casino. It’s from the early 70’s by a one-hit wonder band from New Jersey called Looking Glass. It is about some kind of bar wench that serves sailors in a port who is in love with a sailor. However, a sailor’s true home is the sea, so he is away. Brandy, of course, would make a fine wife- what a good wife she would be- but her lover the sailor is otherwise betrothed. Freemont St in Las Vegas, the old strip, they freebase the song. The video slot only casino chain Dotty’s out in Vegas, they have it constant replay, so whenever I would walk into one to buy a Diet Coke it would be playing.
It’s truly heinous.
It is perhaps based on the notion men sometimes have that the woman working at the bar will go to bed with them after their shift. For whatever reasons though, it is specifically casinos that seem to have made this their anthem. Red Hot Chili Peppers do a cover of it live, but they're also pretty wretched.
Still, it is a funny kind of bad, whereas indie rock is merely bad.

Monday, August 22, 2011


I am way too nice a reviewer. My reviews should be ten times as critical of their subjects. I have given half way decent reviews to bands that a week later I think are inept and have lost interest in. Films I’m probably too nice in reviewing films although notice very closely that I avoid almost all mention of horror films from within the last ten-fifteen years, with a few exceptions like Human Centipede. I don’t see myself reviewing all the various re-make films and such that are coming out these days. I don’t see them as being even worth reviewing. There are a lot of little horror films these days that are made on digital film that are floating around in the magical land of no one cares. Still though, I gave the film Wolfen a decent review that’s a fairly forgettable little film. Books I haven’t reviewed that much.
No, I have my picks for what I think are good projects underway or coming out soon right now-Lou Reed with Metallica, Human Centipede 2, and the David Mamet and Al Pacino. I would say and I feel very confident in this that the works of the post-Revolutionary War era writer Charles Brockden Brown deserves a revival. He was a very good writer. Metal, there are a number of good metal bands, Celtic Frost and Voivod were very good in their time, the black metal bands written about in the book Lords of Chaos are all pretty good. The bands that were on the Metalhit Free Download series albums are almost all pretty good. I don’t feel that ashamed giving those bands good reviews.
Here’s one to think about for a good long while. Newsweek recently ran an interview with Anthony Pellicano from prison in which they asked him why he stopped working for the late Michael Jackson, and he said “he did something worse to boys then molest them.” He refused to explain further. If the answers to what Pellicano is talking about were to come up, that would be a real story. I don’t think this weeks set of indie rock bands are a real story, the only thing to report there is artistic failure.
Now Michael Savage- he is not a great thinker of the right. Not by a long shot. Not by any stretch of the imagination whatsoever. He’s great to write on simply because he was banned from entering the United Kingdom. Provocation is good. What those right wing pundit types do very well whether or not you agree with them is zero in on the topics that are central most to out times, and in the case of Michael Savage he’s sure to throw a temper tantrum about whatever it is, and because he is that way, he makes for a good writing subject. The other thing about that is that by being super excited about the film Human Centipede 2 coming out, and be giving mixed reviews to someone like Savage, I’m working both ends. There’s an inherent hypocrisy in that. I prefer to leave the hypocrisy intact in all its glory.
That’s about as nice as I should ever get in a review.

Johnny Reaper featuring William Wheaton trailer...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rick Moody Sings!

Here’s a little indie rock by Rick Moody, better known as an author:

So sensitive, I almost wept.
No, I’m lying. That song is wretched.
Some people know this, many do not; I actually studied with Rick Moody when I was a teenager. That was at a summer program at Bennington College summer of 1993. He was at the time in many magazines for his then new novel, the Ice Storm. I suppose at that time I was young and impressionable. His approach to literature means really nothing to me anymore. I have not read a full Rick Moody book in over 10 years. Where he lost me completely as a writer was when he wrote an entire essay on the indie rock band the Magnetic Fields. Why he did this I have no clue, but it was a good indicator of something I would run into later- in the last few years he’s released his own terrible indie rock. Now I know that terrible indie rock is redundant, but this is terrible even for indie rock. Listen to the mp3 link above.
My relationship to literature is that every once and a while I pick up a book like I Was Dora Suarez by Derek Raymond or Wieland by Charles Brockden Brown and chuckle at how utterly sick the book’s premise is.
Rick Moody playing the indie rock with his acoustic is on his own.
That is actually the best track on what constitutes one of the worst albums ever made. My previous pick for the worst album ever made was the woman from X reading the Unabomber Manifesto with the free jazz in the background. Rick’s album, The Darkness is Good, is at least nearly as bad. That was a very bad idea of his to try and put out an album. He shows that he learned a few guitar chords and that’s about it. It is a very sparse album. The songs are accompanied by acoustic guitar a back-up singer. Some of the songs are just his voice. There’s simple piano parts on a few songs. It’s annoying more than anything else. He has an understanding of music that I find annoying. It doesn’t work.
He has a blog full of his annoying ideas about music, which can be found here:
He spends pages and pages wining about a profile on a musician I’d only vaguely heard of (John Lurie). People who consider themselves artists are completely full of it a lot of the time. He’s among the worst of them.

More Terrible Music! The Burnside Project!

I am way too nice of a reviewer. People who consider themselves artists are very often full of excrement. It is very rare that artists in our time can capture my attention. Well, a lot of what has passed for artistic expression in our modern cosmopolitan culture is much like the video by this video by the wretched 2000’s band Burnside Project. Essentially just because the American Apparel clothing company decided to back publications like Vice and The Onion, this is the mode of artistic expression that took centermost stage during that decade. Like it? Take a good long look, because if the hipster press has it’s way, this is what would define our cultural future for decades.
Scary stuff.
There was never in my mind any reason to give this garbage press. I’ll tell you what it is, it’s sanitized pop music marketed as somehow being a thinking person’s music. I would like to see the explanation for how that works.
It could be pointed out that this video is four years old or so, but there are still countless bands like it that get far too much press in so far as giving any bands like this any press would constitute too much press.
In more assuring news, the Lou Reed with Metallica album has been giving a date of release Nov. 1st this year for North America. Needless to say, it is expected to rock harder then Burnside Project, and embarrass the hell out of them if they’re even cool enough to know about it considering how old Metallica and Lou Reed are.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Wretched Music! Nine Inch Nails with Saul Williams

You know, in the 90’s I was a little goth kid back then, the biggest band going was Nine inch Nails, in terms of sales at least. So of course I had Pretty Hate Machine and The Downward Spiral, relatively good rock and roll albums looking back on it. However, unlike his closest rival for rock star of the 90’s Kurt Cobain, Trent Reznor didn’t end up dying young like many thought he would, but did what most rock stars do given enough time- he created a bunch of very bad music.
His biggest mistake appears to have been deciding to work with lame spoken word poet Saul Williams. Saul Williams first got attention for being involved in the 90’s spoken word poetry thing on the Lower East Side if memory serves. Actually, the poetry slam thing of the 90’s is something I’d prefer to forget. I have to admit that I can’t sit through this entire YouTube clip. However, it is still better then that Max Maslansky guy I just reviewed. This track is called List of Demands. I don’t listen to the demands of spoken word poets and street artists.

Wieland By Charles Brockden Brown

One of the media’s favorite subjects is the killer who “hears voices”. If you think of the phrase “hearing voices” given the prevalence that notion now has in our culture, you might think it very contemporary. Current news reports involving the likes of Phillip Garrido and Jared Lee Loughner are likely to describe the criminal as “hearing voices”. However, the first American novel to incorporate this notion of an insane criminal “hearing voices” was in fact a book generally considered the first novel. That novel is Wieland; or the Transformation written in 1798 by the Pennsylvania author Charles Brockden Brown. It was inspired by the case of a farmer in upstate New York, James Yates who murdered his family because, he said, God told him to.
Charles Brockden Brown had a funny little take on it, though. What if such a voice was created by a ventriloquist? The main character kills his family because he thinks God tells him to but it is really an evil ventriloquist- that’s quite clever. Why that Charles Brockden Brown sure was no dummy!
This book is absolutely demented. The reason why the family at the center of the book is in America is because the main character’s father tries to start his own religion and he comes to convert the native population. However, this is unbelievable- he spontaneously combusts. The main character’s father bursts into flames and an explanation is never given as to why. That’s how the book starts, and it goes in it’s dementia from their when Wieland, the narrator his sister Clara, and his best friend observe strange and unexplained voices which not coincidentally come along with the arrival of a mysterious strange named Carwin.
What was my response to the book? I couldn’t stop laughing at how sick and demented it was. I read almost all of it in a single sitting.
I really think it would be great and very appropriate for Wieland to get a revival right now for a number of reasons. Our current news is filled with stories about people committing crimes because voices told them to. Phillip Garrido and Jared Lee Loughner are good examples of crimes committed by schizophrenics. In our political realm Ron Paul and the Tea Party have forced a re-thinking of the Founding Fathers era of American history. Also, as I’ve said the book is completely demented. Charles Brockden Brown never got as famous as, say, Poe did but he’s probably at about the same writing level. Wieland should make a comeback. It’s a good book.

Art Review! Max Maslansky! Wretched!

The art world is almost like congress at this point. Kick the bums out.
It would be inaccurate to say I am completely un-invested in the arts. I’m very excited about the Lou Reed with Metallica album, Human Centipede 2 should be good, and I like to see this HBO film about Phil Spector that Al Pacino and David Mamet are now making. I have been friends with the painter Paul Richard for a number of years. But then you have people like Max Maslansky.
I kid you not, this guy identifies himself as an artist on his webpage. Oh, you identify yourself as an artist? That gives me reason enough not to like you right there. If you want to be contrived, call yourself an artist. If you want to prove it, paint like this:

Maslansky identifies himself as a street artist. That was something that was very difficult about the brief period where I lived with Paul Richard: our friend Leviticus would come over and the subject would turn to street art. Since I had lived in Las Vegas for two and a half years before that, I was out of the loop on that, and when I saw what it was they were talking about, I wished I had stayed out of the loop on that. The thing with Paul Richard is that he also does very, very realistic portrait painting, he can draw a human hand that looks exactly like a human hand. If people in the gallery system think that the whole Banksy thing is shocking, they are out of their minds. There is more controversy about two subjects I have already mentioned- the David Mamet film about Phil Spector for HBO and Human Centipede 2. Max Maslansky is like the Strokes. These jack-asses the Strokes got famous because American Apparel dumped a whole bunch of cash on a bunch of crappy magazines. That’s why we have the hipster culture that we now have. You want to see a stance against the status quo take a good look at the Ron Paul campaign. Under Barack Obama the neo-liberalism of the hipsters more or less is the status quo. Maslansky looks like a children’s book illustrator most of the time. He represents no challenge to the way we live. He represents a very dormancy of the way we live. So dreary to look at this guy’s work and then some gallery makes the mistake of backing him. And then he and the gallery wonder why no one cares. He looks like a goddamn children’s book illustrator, that’s why no one cares. I don’t want this prick painting on my street. I hope he gets busted for vandalism if he does. The best thing I can say about him is it would pretty amazing if he has a girlfriend I can steal.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

It’s Time to Turn Off Psychic TV

I think the time to turn Psychic TV off. They were one of If not my very favorite bands in high school when I was a goth boy with a drug problem in New England, which is pretty much who that music is for. That was a very long time ago. Since then Genesis P. Orridge has had fake breasts put in for some reason I have never really understood. I don’t do psychedelics anymore so I no longer understand his whole occultist/drug induced enlightenment trip. Musically, what Orridge does hasn’t evolved substantially over the years, and he had some weak material going back into it. They had a techno phase I can do without.
You know what? I can do without all of it at this point. Joy Division from the same scene during the same period has aged much better. As I’ve said innumerable times, I am very excited to see Metallica playing with Lou Reed. Lou Reed with Metallica is much better then Orridge is now.
If you take a close look in that video you will see my friend Sean McBride from the bands Xeno & Oaklander and Martial Canterel. Sean, bless his soul, is a good enough musician as far as it goes, but I’m not that amazed by what he does. He’s caught in about the same problem that the band Children of Technology are caught in- they both go back to different bodies of music form the 80’s, copy the music well, and then that’s sort of that. They pick the right bodies of music from the 80’s to copy- in Children of Technology’s case bands like Voivod and Celtic Frost and in Sean McBride’s case “coldwave” music.
I never got around to telling Sean this, but I think that the answer would have been for him to play with Children of Technology. Then they would at least be a variant recombination of elements of 80’s music.
But then if you get Orridge out in front of him, that’s just bad. Orridge is like some aging drag queen now.
There are three people that follow me around like ghost in so far as I meet everyone they do. Those are Genesis P. Orridge, Phil Spector, and Daniel Nicherie. Daniel Nicherie is by far the most interesting of those three though probably the least known. If you do your research on those three you will start to wonder much about me and the company I keep. However, I would caution against doing too much research on Orridge because he’s done a lot of very lengthy and boring interviews in small art publications over the years.
It is time to let it go. The acid trip is over.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Short Story: The Host

The Host

There was the CPA from France. He was lucky, he got there early and left early. There was the construction employee, and the guy who worked for the Eagles. They were not so lucky, nor was the fat women he took with him. The thing was, the ten other couples who contacted him about the party were no-shows. It wouldn’t have happened if that had not been the case. Even if the fat bitch had been willing to play, things might have ended differently for the evening.
How many times had he answered that one! For two months or something. The couples that backed out. Or the couples that simply contacted him and then never showed at all.
If you could figure out a way to appease the sexual frustration that single man have, you could make a buck. Strippers and hookers all knew this. But if the couples don’t play, then the single men get pissed off and leave.
The guy from Greece had bitched about the lack of women. So had they all, really. That one Latino guy had sat in the parking lot waiting for girls, and the host had come out and said “If you’re going to come in come in, but my neighbors are not going to like me having people loitering.”
He was not so lucky either.
The cover charge for single men was only 20 dollars, for women, free, for couples free.
The contractor and the guy who worked for the Eagles chatted in the kitchen area about the swinger’s club competition down in Philadelphia proper.
“It’s next to a place where there’s prostitution going on. It’s next to a strip club which is a cover for prostitution, where there’s prostitution going on in the club. Single guys can be charged 80 bucks. Most of their events are on the weekend so I can’t go during season. Most events are no single men, women and couples only. Friday night they put a cut off on single men after 100.”
“No”, corrected the host “they put a cut off on single men after 13 single men.”
The host walked into his closet, opened his gun safe and loaded his 9mm Baretta Cougar and walked back into the room.
“You all came here for cougars tonight? I’ve got a fucking Cougar for you.”
The host aimed and fired off a few rounds, killing each of the guests in the room.
He’d answered one too many e-mails from people asking stupid questions about the event not to rid the world of useless flesh like that.
“How many women will be there?”
The police would arrive any minute, so he had to place the 9mm in his mouth to avoid capture. That he did, and pulled the trigger.
Police really needed to search no further then his computer to get a sense of what he had done and what his reasons were. The cops made jokes about the fat bitch in the car.
“No wonder” said one officer to the other. They laughed, and drove off.

Friday, August 12, 2011

New Short Story! Kids for Cash

Kids for Cash

My lawyer spoke to the press, and said what I have been saying again and again, this trial was never about “kids for cash” as they called it. Then the woman screamed at me that her son was dead.
“My kids dead. It’s because of him. You ruined my fucking life. He shot himself in the heart. Do you remember me? Do you remember him? He was the all-star wrestler. Well, he’s dead. I hope you rot in hell! You scumbag killed my son!”
That was not part of the trial. If that had happened, do you think they government wouldn’t have tried me for that? Well, it never happened. If it had it would have been part of the trial. It wans’t. That’s because it never happened.
I’ve said this again and again. They never presented any evidence in regards to my accepting a dime to send a child to the detention centers. There was never a scrap of evidence about that in court. They also threw out the whole bit about Robert Powell. I’ve admitted to filing false tax returns, but there are these three words that have ruined my life and they never established in court that I ever did it. It wasn’t what the trial was over. Kids for cash. Once they came up with that term I was done for. It’s a catchy little phrase. Well, that wasn’t what the trial was about.
You know this whole thing destroyed me. You know for the months between the verdict and the sentencing I’ve been doing house painting? At 61, I’ve been a judge for years and they had me doing house painting. Well, yeah, I needed the money to eat on. Legal fees and all destroyed me. The house-painting thing in PA was bad enough, but now it’s time for 28 years in prison.
They say that though the boy was strong, a wrestling star, he was still really a child. They say after he was released from the detention center, he was never the same, and that eventually he shot himself in the heart.
I towed some cars, too. While I was doing that I heard people say “When are they going to put that damn Ciavarella in away?” Well, now they have.
It was Zubord the U.S. Attorney who came up with that whole “kids for cash” line. Then he never went after me for it. He said it was because it was a state matter.
I just want to bitch slap myself and say “Mark, what were you thinking?” 4,000 juvenile rulings thrown completely out of court.
I was a wealthy and powerful man here in Northeast Pennsylvania. This is not a wealthy part of the country. We have the Tea Party around here which tells you something about the socio-political demographics. For months, I became a laborer amongst laborers. And everybody knew my face, and a lot of people new about that woman who shouted at me at the courthouse.
Thanks, Zubord. Thank you for making me the anti-Christ with your little “kids for cash” line.
They got CPFEs and Forensic accountants down my throat like a motherfucking swarm of insects and what do they come up with? They come up with a finder’s fee from a privately owned detention center. That’s worth a man’s life? 28 years for that? But we all know what it really was about- it was really about this whole “kids for cash” thing they never even presented evidence of in court. It was just the poetics of the phrase- “kids for cash”. It roles of the tongue nicely, doesn’t it?
Three words ruined my life- kids for cash. Once they came up with that, my ride was through.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Book Review: Liberalism is a Mental Disorder by Michael Savage

I support the NRA, the Libertarian Party and Ron Paul enthusiastically. Michael Savage much less so- but I prefer writing about him. This is why- in 2009 Michael Savage managed to get banned from entering the U.K. I guess with the riots in the news this week, maybe they should have listened to him a little bit more, but that’s sort of a side note. I would not say that Michael Savage is an intellectual heavy-hitter of the right. Here’s the thing though- you say his name in conversation to a liberal they flip out. That’s hilarious. He is something much more interesting to write about. He is a man with the unique ability to offend and provoke as evidenced by his not being allowed to enter the U.K., which is sort of hilarious seeing what some people that are allowed to live in the U.K. are doing this week, i.e., looting, pillaging, and burning down buildings.
Do not suppose for a second that I am uncritical of Michael Savage- I reviewed another book of his on here, The Enemy Within. The Enemy Within and Liberalism is a Mental Disorder amount to more or less the exact same book, which is exactly the same as his radio show. I guess Liberalism is a Mental Disorder has a slightly different angle because he repeats the phrase “liberalism is a mental disorder” periodically. Not really, it’s more or less the same book. He actually wrote Liberalism is a Mental Disorder while George W. Bush was in office. His shtick hasn’t changed much over the years if you listen to his radio show ever. I couldn’t tell you otherwise with a straight face. He phoned those books in. It’s hilarious the extent to which he phoned them in. Here’s the part where he goes off on Islam. Here’s the part where he goes off on Illegal Immigrants coming over the Mexican border, and here’s the part where he blames it on the left, and then here’s the part where he singles out the ACLU. Done. Same book as the last one, he gets his check from the publishing house, good to go. His writing is perhaps the most formulaic and predictable kind of writing I’ve ever read.
I would, however, be lying if I said that I didn’t crack up when he started writing about bombing “krapistan” “back into the stone age”.
Do I really have time to read this whole book? The answer is probably not. I should get a radio though so I can tune in to Michael Savage as background noise when I lift weights or perform other mundane tasks. On the radio he at least gets in arguments with callers, which is when hate radio really becomes art….

Voivod: War and Pain 27th Anniversary!!!!!

Today marks the 27th anniversary of the release of Voivod’s first album War and Pain. I might put that album at number one for best rock and roll albums ever made. The only competition for it really is Joy Division’s album Closer.
There’s a bunch of metal that is pretty good. Voivod is good. Celtic Frost is good. The book Lords of Chaos is an excellent book and if you go back into the Norwegian bands in it, the bands that burned down the churches, those were some pretty good bands. The Metalhit Free Download Series released in late 2010-2011 has some great material on it, although if you go back and do some research on the bands on it, a whole bunch of them are Neo-Nazis. It’s still nearly six hours of great music. And I am excited about the Metallica/Lou Reed collaboration, as I’ve written many times on here.
I’m usually far too kind to bands on here seeing as how perpetually boring the whole topic of bands and the whole social activity of going to see them is. Almost as soon as I give a band a good review, I will regret it. Such is the case with a review I wrote of Big Star’s Third: Sister Lovers, that I wrote for the reasons that a.) I mentioned it elsewhere and it got a bunch of hits and b) back in the 90’s my ex-girlfriend Jane Rose hated it. War and Pain though, I still like that one. The first time I heard it (not the first time I’d heard Voviod) was 1990, my older brother found it in a bargain bin with 4 other Voivod albums all on super-discount. I rediscovered the album when I was 25. Other bands from the time have not aged as well, I don’t find myself downloading much Helloween, for example.
So for those who haven’t heard this album, what is it like? It’s pretty simple really, brutal early thrash metal with apocalyptic science fiction themes. They’re from Quebec. They where famous for bringing elements of the punk music of the time into metal. War and Pain was there first album, subsequent albums they used a whole of tricks with guitar pedals, but the sound on War and Pain is very hard and straight. That’s all you really need.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Book Review: A Stolen Life: A Memoir By Jaycee Dugard

This book, well, I read it in a few hours. It is not well written, but Jaycee Dugard was never educated beyond the 5th grade or something like that and certainly controlled by therapists. Now the whole story of her being kidnapped by Phillip Garrido became about a hundred times more interesting when I heard Phillip Garrido’s music which is amazing, because then the story becomes like that of Phil Spector or Ian Curtis, the story of a musical genius destroyed by madness. We don’t get a book like Deborah Curtis’ excellent Touching from a Distance or any of the very good Phil Spector biographies out of Jaycee Duagard in that Garrido’s music is only mentioned a few times and in passing.
He does come off as being completely insane in this book. The rape scenes are in places very graphic. The first part of the book he’s got her chained up and uses her to fulfill his pedophilic sex urges while he binges on crystal meth. When she gave birth to his two children he became less sexually abusive to her, but she was forced to enact this very odd fake “family” life. Of course, he and his wife and accomplice Nancy Garrido were no real family to her, being a bunch of meth addicts that kidnapped her for sexual purposes, but Garrido’s madness was such that he was in denial about that. The second clause to that, the odd fake family life in which she was forced to take part, is almost really nearly as sick as the rape was.
The other thing about that case is that there was some fairly unreal incompetence going on with the California parole system. That I would like to understand better- Garrido was on a parole for sex offenses, failed drug tests, and yet they never once checked the shacks in his backyard. If Garrido had, at some point stabbed Jaycee Dugard and buried her in his backyard, he’d still be walking around the streets today, it looks like. Of course, he stupidly took her and the two children with him to a college campus and then his parole office. Daytime television, of course, was never the same. When a schitzoid on crystal meth outsmarts the California parole system for nearly twenty years, you know that the system must be changed, because according to Dugard the dude was hearing voices coming out of his walls.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Raped and Impregnated by a Monster Back in the 80’s: Part 2

The most popular blog on here was a review that focused on a sub-genre of films that existed in the 80’s in which the plot involves women being raped and impregnated by aliens and other monsters. Of everything that I’ve had the most misfortune of reviewing, that of all things is what gets the most attention. The first blog about this specifically focused on the films The Beast Within and Breeders. I then reviewed another film of this subgenre, Xtro, in a separate review. I was amazed at how many people did Google searches on this kind of material, looking for images of women being raped by inhuman creatures. There is some kind of sick fantasy that people would seem to have about women being raped by an inhuman or alien creature and then forced to give birth to a hybrid monster/human offspring. There is an entire subgenre of Japanese animation called “tentacle hentai” which deals with women-often in schoolgirl uniforms, being raped by monsters with tentacles. There is another reason I review these films. My opinion is that the real story these days in terms of extreme horror film and video is Human Centipede 2, but since it was banned in the U.K. it’s unclear what the release plans for it will be or when we may actually be able to see the film. In the meantime, I’ve taken a little time to explore older extreme horror videos, so I’ve gone through the Guinea Pig series from Japan and the alien rape and impregnation films. There are two films that I have mentioned but haven’t focused on, Humanoids from the Deep (also released as Monster) from 1980 and Inseminoid (also known as Horror Planet) from 1981.
Humanoids from the Deep is a Roger Corman produced piece of crap that features monsters that are essentially knock-offs of the Creature from the Black Lagoon. The story takes place in a small fishing town in the Pacific Northwest. This fishing town is incredible in that all the women in the town appear to have large breasts, many of which are shown in the film whether it has anything to do with the plot at all. Of course, the creatures come out, attack the town, rape women, the like. There’s some subplot about a conflict between the local Native Americans and the white fisherman in town. There’s a corporation that is doing experiments to produce bigger salmon. The corporation have inadvertently caused the creation of the monsters. The last scene is a female character giving birth to a monster, in a sequence that is a variation on the famous scene of the baby alien popping out of the stomach in Alien. If you have a fetish for naked women running away from sea creatures, this film is all you babe.
Inseminoid is a British film made by Norman J. Warren, a director whose work you’ll find in those multi-DVD deals with many different horror films on discount on them. I reviewed two of his other films on here, Satan’s Slave and Prey. Norman J. Warren is known to be a little on the sleaze side, with plenty of nudity that occurs for no real reason, so of course he had to have his entry into the alien rape and impregnation subgenre. He did an alien-rape and impregnation film hard. A co-ed crew of astronauts is doing a dig on a planet whose race is supposedly extinct- except, that of course, it’s not. In brief, a crewmember, Sandy, gets raped and impregnated by an alien monster. While she’s expecting, she gains superhuman strength and starts slaughtering the rest of the crew. There is an extremely graphic sequence of her giving birth to twin alien monsters. The special effects on the babies are abysmal. The soundtrack for the film consists of about five notes on an early synth and a simple drum machine beat. If you get off on alien rape fantasies with five notes on the early synths playing in the background, this film is all you babe.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

David Lyudmirsky:Unused Interview

I got a series of odd e-mails from David Lyudmirsky, the musician whose project Their Only Dreams I reviewed on here. Later, after we agreed to do an interview, I tired to contact him back with questions, I was blocked or something like that from his page. In fact, it appeared his whole page was gone. I sort of wondered if that was some kind of a suicide note or something, but I haven’t found his name in obituaries. Here are the un-used questions for the e-mail interview…

Questions for David Lyudmirksy

1. Do use drugs when you record and play music? If so, what kind?
2. What kind of instruments, recording equipment, or musical software do you use recording?
3. Are you making any money off your music?
4. Do you ever feel that there are a lot of bands out right now that might as well as well just not exist?
5. Have you heard Phillip Garrido’s music? If so, what do you think of it/
6. Lou Reed and Metallica just finished recording an album together. Do you think this will be a good album?
7. Who do you support for 2012 presidential election?
8. For hipster music publications, American Apparel is the chief sponsor. American Apparel is getting hammered with legal and financial problems right now. What do you see as the fall out for musicians like yourself?
9. On my webpage, the review of Their Only Dreams was beaten out in hits by an article about “monster rape and impregnation” films of the 80’s like Inseminoid. What will you do to compete with Inseminoid?
10. How often do you Google your own name, and how long did it take before you found my review of Their Only Dreams?

Here I a transcript of the highly cryptic e-mail correspondence. He talks about communicating with Phillip K. Dick’s ghost in it. Actually, the term he uses is Thetan soul, which I believe derives from Scientology. That’s weird, but I use weird here in sort of a dismissive sense. Teenagers must be able to get some strong psychedelics in Bel Air.

David Lyudmirsky
I like your writings duuude. Don't shoot!

 William Wheaton
So do I get the chick bassist now?

David Lyudmirsky
Ha! I still have no idea what you are talking about. But, it is very fun to read. Sometimes the paranoid thetan soul of p k dick leads me to believe you are the new .. hdbruxhxbridjxbdjd

William Wheaton

Well, that's quite a complement. thank you David. You know that review I did of your music actually got a far few hits, so when you put something new out, let me know. Good publicity for both parties.

David Lyudmirsky

Yes. I am planning on that. One site owes me an interview. You should do it, don't hold back.! Check out the pansy site.
William Wheaton:

Wow. Yeah. That webpage hurts. Yeah we could do a quick interview, be funny if we could got on that webpage, if not through it somewhere else...

David Lyudmirsky

Whenever. Email interview.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Video Review: The Guinea Pig Series!

A Review of Guinea Pig: Devil’s Experiment/Guinea Pig 2: Flowers of Flesh and Blood/Guinea Pig 3: He Never Dies/Guinea Pig 4 Mermaid in a Manhole/Guinea Pig 5: The Android of Notre Dame/Guinea Pig 6: Devil Doctor Woman

It was sort of inevitable that I would do these. First of all, do not pay money to own these videos. They are all on the internet free if you look around.
The easiest plot synopsis I’ve ever written for a film would have to be for Guinea Pig: Devil’s Experiment. I can do it one sentence. Check it out. A bunch of men in a room torture a woman. You don’t even need subtitles for this one. This Japanese video started floating around in the 80’s, a kind of faux-snuff flick. Supposedly though, the early Guinea Pig videos had folks going. They were originally created by one Hidishi Hino, who was a “manga” or comic book artist. The films have no connecting storyline, they are essentially only connected by a certain pre-occupation with gore and blood, and loosely they revolve around the idea of one being used as a “guinea pig” for a kind of experiment of some kind. I think the general idea was to bring his comic art into the video realm. The videos got some press because a Japanese serial killer named Tsutomu Miyazaki was really into them. The Guinea Pig series also got some press because oddly enough, and this detail is mind-bendingly strange today in light of how strange he himself has become, but Charlie Sheen, I kid you not, Charlie “Winning” Sheen was sent a copy of one of the Guinea Pig videos. He thought it was a real snuff film apparently, so he contacted the F.B.I and since Sheen is famous it’s gotten some press. Here’s an article that alludes to the Charlie Sheen thing.
Charlie Sheen and the Guinea Pig videos, all in the same sentence, that’s something else. The Guinea Pig thing was about twenty years before all the media attention to his drug and mental problems, it’s still a very odd detail.
The tortures they use in Devil’s Experiment are pretty severe. They burn her skin and then put what would appear to be maggots on the burnt area to crawl around. It goes on for about 45 minutes. The second one Guinea Pig: Flowers of Flesh and Blood is similarly minimalistic in terms of plot. In that a man in a samurai costume captures a woman, drugs her, and then he dismembers her. The blood actually splatters against the wall in that one. In the end the guy in the samurai costume has a whole collection of dismembered body parts. That’s also about 45 minutes in length. The later films actually developed more in terms of actual plotlines. These films have a reputation for being ultra-offensive, but that’s mostly only ture of the first two films in the series.
Far less disturbing because it is not in anyway lifelike is the third Guinea Pig film, He Never Dies. This guys girlfriend leaves him for one of his friends. He attempts suicide but finds he can’t die and doesn’t feel any pain. So naturally what the man who doesn’t die does is get his friend to come to his apartment, and then he cuts open his own intestines and throws it at the friend to delight in his fear. That one is more goofy, it made me laugh.
The other side of that though, for a very different side of the series is Mermaid in a Manhole. That one is actually a tragic love story about a mermaid an artist finds in a manhole who is afflicted by boils from an incurable sickness of some kind. The artist takes the mermaid back to his home and puts her in the bathroom feels impelled to paint the mermaid using fluid from her infections. Worms come out of her boils. This is not an easy film to sit through, although it isn’t as disturbing as the first Guinea Pig film simply because it is highly fantastic in nature.
The same could be said for the fifth Guinea Pig film, The Android of Notre Dame (now sold on the same DVD as Devil’s Experiment. In that one, a midget mad scientist type is trying to work on a cure for his sister who is dying of some unnamed heart disease. He is being black mailed by two other scientists who have a hook up he didn’t know about to his computer system, his sister dies, and of course, he does experiments on raising the dead with the scientists trying to blackmail him. When he brings his sister back to life she asks him why, since she had finally found piece.
The sixth film, Devil Doctor Woman was actually the fourth made, but released much later. It has a transsexual who is supposed to be a doctor and there are a number of comedic sequences in which she makes patients worse or tortures them or makes them worse. There’s a very random sequence showing a restaurant serving dismembered human body parts. There’s something about a zombie in it.
There is a seventh Guinea Pig film, but it is composed mostly of the gorier scenes from the other 6 Guinea Pig films. I think I can miss that one, having seen all the others.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Photos of Al Pacino as Spector and Details About the Film Emerge!

(Al Pacino as Phil Spector for upcoming HBO bio-film)

The photos of Al Pacino as Phil Spector are out and he couldn’t look more like Phil Spector if he was Phil Spector.
It’s very hard to get me to admit I’m excited about any forth coming artistic projects, but I can name three, really. I’m still quite excited about the Metallica/Lou Reed collaboration. That’s coming out supposedly in November. No one’s clear on the status of Human Centipede 2 now that it’s been in banned in the U.K., but I’m hoping that will be released in the states soon. The other one that I’ve been watching for very closely is this HBO film about Phil Spector that’s coming out with Al Pacino as Spector. The film is already being protested and it hasn’t even finished shooting.
It was written by the play write David Mamet. There’s a book I’ve been meaning to read that Mamet wrote recently about how he’s now abandoned the political left for the political right. However, that doesn’t even have anything to do with the controversy about the Spector film. The controversy is that Mamet says he thinks Spector is actually innocent! Hence, those once close to the late Lana Clarkson have proceeded to flip out. I sort of think that calling Phil Spector a cold-blooded killer is reductive because he was heavily intoxicated and off his psyche meds, but innocent- that he didn’t pull the trigger- that’s quite a belief.
Here’s the link…I’m not making this one up….

You want to talk about a work of cinematic art Al Pacino looks exactly like Phil Spector. Those wigs Phil Spector became as iconic an image of madness and Michael Jackson’s plastic surgery, but it’s about something more then just Pacino in a wig. Pacino seems to have the facial expressions, the body language- all the elements- 100% down.

Looks like a classic!