Saturday, March 31, 2012

Iron Sky Looks Pretty Good...

Yes, Finland, a European nation with an exceptionally high rate of civilian gun ownership. I'd heard the strange conspiracy theories before that the Nazis had escaped to the moon, but here we have an actual film coming out based on such conspiracies, from a Finish studio. The soundtrack was composed by Laibach (rumored to be Neo-Nazis for years) who I would have dismissed as being has-beens but this is surely the correct project for them to have been involved with. The POTUS in this appears to be a Sarah Palin send up, quite funny. I am very excited about this film. I'm not sure if it will screen anywhere in Las Vegas, but I'm sure it will be on Amazon Video on Demand soon enough. I can't say if such a review would get the attention my work on the Human Centipede films or the Bunny Game got, but it does look like a cool film. Iron Sky looks good, Prometheus looks good, I'm quit excited about Human Centipede 3, but as i wrote earlier this week, that is now held up in production because Deiter Laser backed out of his starring role just before shooting was supposed to begin. The tendency is that only my writing on very extreme horror films such as Human Centipede 2 or The Bunny Game that get many hits on here, I think Iron Sky and prometheus look good enough that I'll try and get some reviews up.

More Wacky Fun with Spongebob Squarepants Porn!

This is footage of a police press conference about Josh Powell, who was really into Spongebob Squarepants porn,as I wrote about earlier. Josh Powell killed his two sons, himself, and it would very much appear, his missing wife Susan Powell. Very sick stuff. My question is this: when I wrote about the Josh Powell case previously on here, I got a whole lot of hits from people looking for Spongebob Squarepants porn-will these same people get off as much on forensic details about the Powell case knowing he was into Spongebob Squarepants porn as they would on the Spongebob porn itself?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Human Centipede 3 Lawsuit

"Because of the success of The Human Centipede, it seems that Mr Dieter Laser’s ego has grown to laughably big proportions. First signing the contract and rating the THC3 script as fantastic ,and then demanding his own unacceptable script changes, and now refusing to play the part only seven weeks prior to shooting. Six Entertainment Company will start legal action against Dieter Laser. Tom Six says not to worry – principal photography will be postponed and will take place later this year. So says Illona Six, producer of the Human Centipede films and sister of Human Centipede director Tom Six (yeah, he makes these films with his family). Well, it was going to be Deiter Laser and Laurence Harvey together, but this looks like that won't happen, unfortunately. A shame, it would have been great to see the two on screen together. Quite unfortunate.

Occupy's Vagrant Problem...

This is footage taken from Occupy Wall St. protests in New York taken by my friend Danny Jock. He placed them on YouTube in celebration of Mental Health Awareness week. What we have here is strong evidence of a major problem with the Occupy movement- they apparently attract mentally ill and/or heavily substance abusing vagrants. That's what's likely to happen if you offer free food and shelter. Similar problems were seen in the sixties with the hippy movement- the Haight Ashbury neighborhood in San Francisco was said to have become a very dangerous neighborhood very quickly. I lived in the Union Square area for years, there was never the high density of mentally disabled folks there when I was there that you see in Jock's video documentation of Union Square now. I'm certainly glad I don't live around there anymore. Especially in a city with ridiculously strict laws about gaining a CCW permit. Occupy is shaping up to be a nasty little phenomenon, isn't it?Oh well, I live in Las Vegas that only has a very small Occupy branch.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Unwanted Guest

This is a point I'd really like to settle with my fellow libertarians. As I've written earlier, Occupy has gotten a strange amount of support from people like Libertarian Party presidential candididate Gary Johnson, philosophically libertarian republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, and even Sovereign Citizen activist Alfred Adask. Johnson, Paul and Adask shouldn't bother praising Occupy in anyway. These are card carrying communists that decry the capitalist system and that keep on getting loopier and loopier- I refer you to the video I just posted of Occupy members using canisters full of human waste. There are a lot of hardline conservatives and in particular libertarians that do not like the bail-outs, and certainly the Sovereign Citizens have their issues with law enforcements. The thing about that is that is more or less where the philosophical kinship ends. One of Adask's big things is he claims he doesn't pay federal income tax- really, he has no problem with making money, with free market economy. In the video above we can see a man leading an Occupy crowd in denouncing capitalism. I'll settle this once and for all- you see that guy on the video above denouncing capitalism? That's Austin Guest, he's apparently one of the leaders of the Occupy movement. He has a liberal arts degree of some kind from some Ivy League school like Harvard, but clearly he hasn't used his Harvard agree to integrate into the corporate structure, merely to whine about it and prolong college by setting up frat boy hijinks in public parks. When we talk about Occupy we're talking about a movement that's been throwing canisters of human waste around in the name of destroying capitalism, but at least that is less destructive than the likes of what has been orchestrated by the corporate neoliberal leftism of Occupy's leading beuracrat. I don't think there is anything to be gained by praising them in anyway. Austin Guest is also in the video above. Notice the closeness in his resemblance in tone and content to the leader of the biggest embarrassments in leftist politics of the last decade, Dov Charney of American Apparel. Now I don't like the bail-outs myself, but do you really want this hipster dirtbag in office of any kind? Do you want to see this Marxist post-liberal arts flunky Hollywood dramaturge run amok in government or political power of any kind? I'm going to repeat the phrase because it bares repeating- canisters of human waste. As I've previously argued, the only real way to fully undue the free market in the United States is by martial law, effectively by force. In a country in which 35% of American homes have firearms in them, and those homes tend to also be Mormon or Evangelical homes, martial law imposed by Marxist liberal arts graduates is completely inconceivable. That's true even if they could get the support of military and law enforcement- who again, are often Evangelicals or Mormons. It just doesn't make any sense. But where you do have a really problem with someone like Austin Guest is that they may move away from overtly leftist radicalism and adopt a more superficially moderate face. Then what you would have is a bureaucrat. And bureaucrats are a very really problem in the United States in a lot of different ways. Do you really want to submit to the authority of Austin Guest? I sure don't.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Occupy Utilized Human Waste as Biological Warfare (WARNING: CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT)

"Separately on Wednesday, police released a surveillance video showing Occupy Wall Street demonstrators on March 14 dragging large containers of human urine and feces to an open-air plaza in downtown Manhattan and pouring it down the stairs."-AP today... Here's the surveillance footage; The thing is it is all for not. I have been saying this again and again. A Marxist revolution in the United States is an impossibility. 35% of American homes have guns in them, and these have a tendency to be the homes of Mormons and Evangelicals, in particular Evangelicals. Mormons and Evangelicals as a demographic rarely vote for Democrats, let alone support Marxist revolutionaries, and to impose Marxist rule, you'd have to use force on them, and they're already armed to the teeth. I've said that before, but Occupy doesn't understand. If Occupy thinks that they are upsetting the corporate power structure they are dead wrong. Someone in the corporate power structure has given the whole thing the green light. Hipster/leftist publications frequently carry ads for American Apparel clothing company, who were in a mess of legal and financial trouble for the last few years- George Soros just bailed American Apparel out. Soros is about as 1% as you can possibly get. But he isn't scared of Occupy- he just bailed out the sponsor for all their little hipster publications. I've said that before. But this use of human waste as bio-chemical warfare, this is new. I'm not sure what they seek to accomplish exactly with the human fecal matter thing. I'd like to see how they explain that one to their parents- "Hi, Dad, yeah…I'm jail for dumping large containers of human waste around in the name of communist revolution." I really have to wonder about the people who support this kind of revolt after members of the movement demonstrate such bizarre behavior. And I've said this before, I think that were we have libertarians like Ron Paul. Gary Johnson, even Alfred Adask that have spoke in support of Occupy. They should read the fine print more closely. We're talking about buckets of human waste in the name of wealth redistribution brought to you by American Apparel. If that doesn't spell "certifiable", than I don't know what does. I don't like the bailouts anymore than anyone else, but I think the only approbate response to Occupy that libertarians either of the large or small l kind should have towards Occupy is either an aggressive attempt to convert them, or a total condemnation if they can not be converted.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

More on Prometheus, New Trailer

The new trailer for Prometheus looks really impressive. The more I see of the film the more excited I get about it. the general jist of the film remains that it is an Alien prequel where we see the exact same ship from the original Alien film with the space jokey. It appears to be focused on a different if not equally nasty organism or organisms. The long dead tomb is not so long dead after all, The implication seems to be that the whole thing is a trap. which is more or less what I already knew about the film. There's the bit about the small creatures which I think either infect human hosts, get big and nasty, or both. It could be multiple kinds of monster which some of the on-line rumors would suggest. That is really all that one can say for certain, there's a lot more questions left in my mind from the trailer than answers. I think this is going to be a really wild film.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Things from 1989, Re-Released by Intervision Pictures- BEST FILM EVER????

I have to say, Intervision Pictures has a kind of genius to the films they have grabbed to re-issue. If there was a retro movement to make films that look like the films that Intervision Pictures re-issue like Burning Moon or Things, and a musical movement of bands that made music like the soundtracks to such films, I would care about art scenes again, maybe-because Intervision Pictures is the new hardcore, straight-to-video excrement form Germany and Canada.. Things from 1989 is a no-budget Canadian film that defies all description or understanding. It has a weird synthesizer soundtrack that sounds like the Legendary Pink Dots. It was filmed on super 8 with sound dubbed on very poorly after. The characters spend a fair bit of time sitting around a house drinking beer and watching TV. 80's adult film star Amber Lyne appears in the film periodically as a TV newscaster who reads off news stories that have nothing to do with the plot of the film, if it can be said that ThIngs has any kind of coherent plot line. About 25 minutes into the film the main character Doug's wife dies giving birth to odd monsters that look like ants with shark's teeth. Not to long after, the main characters are sitting around having a beer again. This film makes considerably less sense than this review would make you think. I don't think it was ever intended to be any kind of experimental film so much as it is a bottom of the barrel horror film that failed to make any sense. The music alone is worth the price of admission.

More Wacky Fun with Banned Horror Films: The Burning Moon and Grotesque

It is very hard to know the details of the upcoming Human Centipede 3 film knowing that it has only just begun production no. It will feature both Laurence Harvey who played Martin in the second film and Deiter Laser who played Doctor Heiter in the first. The Human Centipede will be composed of 500 people, apparently, so it is safe to say that exactly the same kinds of controveries that existed with Human Centipede 2 are likely to reoccur. I think the strong likelihood is that Human Centipede 3 will have trouble getting past the censors in at least one country.But since it is a year from now that it will be released, I am intermittently forced to examine other banned horror films. Thus, I am forced here to review Olaf Ittenbach's the Burning Moon from 1992 and the Japanese film Grotesque from 2009. This Burning Moon (shot on video) has been banned in Germany (it's nation of origin) for 20 years. I have no clear sense as to why such an absurd film was taken seriously enough to be banned. While the film depicts extreme acts of rape and murder, the special affects are so bad and the situations depicted are so absurd (man is shot in the head with a small handgun, his head explodes, a woman has been shot in the head, she has an open casket funeral) that I question the German censors that would have viewed this thing and responded with anything but laughter. Watching the Burning Moon I couldn't believe I was really watching The Burning Moon. The plot synopsis is a teenage dug addict is left home to baby sit his baby sister. He tells two bedtime stories. The first is about a woman who goes on a blind date with a psychotic killer that just escaped from a mental hospital. The second story is about a small town in Germany were the local priest goes around killing people. Town folks think that the killer is a local autistic or retarded farmer, and so they kill him. There's a ridiculous bit that takes place in hell. Then we see that the teenager telling his sisters the bedtime stories has killed his sister, and thee film ends with him killing himself. It's a very silly film. The one part of the film that surprised me is when a character loads a revolver properly. The new re-issue on DVD is handled by a company I've written about on here called Intervision Pictures which handles very bottom of the barrel low budget kinds of horror films from the 80's ad 90's, some of them shot on video. Intervision Pictures is on to something in bringing back this aesthetic as a kind of campy thing. The burning Moon has su If you take this film seriously enough to think it needs to be banned, you're an idiot. The Burning Moon is a joke and was probably meant to be. Before the BBFC banned Human Centipede 2 and the Bunny Game from being shown in the UK, The BBFC, they banned Grotesque. The big complaint with the BBFC had with Human Centipede 2, The Bunny Game and Grotesque was sexual violence. i think they must really have some hysterical, screechy feminist on the BBFC board. Of those films Grotesque is actually the most explicit, although for the Bunny Game they supposedly just told the lead actor to beat the female lead and a lot of the gore in Grotesque is really far looking. Grotesque is about this sick doctor who kidnaps this man and woman on their first date who tortures them and sexually assaults them for the duration of the film, using his medical skill to treat their wounds just so he can keep them alive and torture them some more. There's some serious dismemberment in it. The director tried to develop a kind of love story between the victims. What can I say? This is a perverted little Japanese gore flick! However, it's still not REAL or even realistic. There's an interesting thing at the end that the sick doctor does what he does because he has a foul body odor that he himself can't smell, for which reason he has never had a lover. That's appropriate because this film will make you want to take a shower.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Hardcore Straight-to-Video Snuff Film Action With Video Violence!

That I would review this one was natural if not inevitable. I have written on any number of reviews of films that involved the making of snuff films as a major plot element (8mm, A Serbian Film, Cheap, Hardcore, and the documentary Snuff: A Film About Killing on Camera) and horror films so low budget that they were shot on video and not film (the Necro Files), plus the Guinea Pig videos the first two of which were mistaken for real snuff films and shot on video. The 1987 film Video Violence was shot on video and the plot is about, you guessed it, people making snuff films. Brad "the Cinema Snob" Jones, who made Cheap, reviewed this one and gave it a terrible review. With all due respect to Brad Jones I'm not sure I agree with him about Video Violence. I'm more and more drawn to this type of ultra-low budget, shot-on-video horror material as an aesthetic. The most obvious thing to say about it is that it has a camp appeal. However, to say that this is the only reason would be reductive. There is something truly perverted about the quality of the shot-to-video. The homemade, low budget look evokes old pornography.The film has a feel which is beyond sleazy and better described as scummy. The plot line of Video Violence is very simple with an extremely predictable ending. The man in a new couple which has just moved into a small town has started a video store. The video store owner realizes something is amiss because the locals (all of which are pretty much cut-out non-charceters) all seem to rent only slasher films or occasionally porn. Then, he notices that someone appears to have accidentally dropped off a real snuff film video. The couple, of course, try to uncover the mystery and in the end, of course, the towns people were all in on it, and at the end of the film, the death of the couple has become the new snuff film. The acting gives new meaning to the word wretched, none of the violence and sexual content in the film is extreme, and the special effects are putrid. This is not say I didn't enjoy the film, I did. Video Violence is some truly mongoloid and decrepit excrement, but at the same time is laugh out loud funny. I have a kind of inverse set of aesthetics by which that really constitutes a great film.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Film Review:The Secret Life of Jeffery Dahmer

The Secret Life of Jeffery Dahmer is a poorly acted, low budget, straight-to-video film fictionalized film about gay cannibal Jeffery Dahmer. The woman who plays his parole officer is a particularly hilariously bad actress. By the time Dahmer was arrested with all the dead bodies in his apartment, the hair metal era was more or less over, and Jeffery Dahmer himself was an avid fan of the industrial band Skinny Puppy, but The Secret Life of Jeffery Dahmer manages to have a whole lot of hair metal on the soundtrack. There are also insane factual inaccuracies, such as Jeffery Dahmer calling members of his victim's families to torment them. All his victims describe themselves as models it seems, and then when he drugs them, he always says " just sit back and relax, man". Before watching this film I had no idea how many black guys at bus stations and gay bars identify themselves as models. Relative to Dahmer's actual crimes, this film is relatively tame, and not particularly gory, it doesn't show Dahmer eating human flesh. It's heavy on a voice over of narration of Dahmer explaining his reasons for committing his crimes. i give the Secret Life of Jeffery Dahmer about 3 out of 4 stars. I have a real affection for this kind of low-budget, straight-to-video filmmaking, which the company that puts out the DVD of The Secret Life of Jeffery Dahmer, Intervision Pictures, specializes in. As I wrote earlier, I am very interested in Intervision Pictures. The Secret Life of Jeffery Dahmer is a little bit better than okay. However, in part because Dahmer had a very specific M.O, the film is a little on the repetitive side. This film might play over well with a group audience, given that the group of people did not take the film at all seriously.

Micro- Budget Gore Film Fun/Intervision Pictures,a Company to Watch!

Along with the Burning Moon which I've already written is coming in the mail, the films Grotesque (2009 Japanese film made illegal in the U.K.) and Things (1989 Canadian film) are also now coming in in the mail, and should be here by about Thursday. Grotesque is yet another film banned in the UK in recent years like The Bunny Game and Human Centipede 2, and apparently is a torture film much akin to the first two films in the Guinea Pig series. Needless to say I'm quite excited to have a look at that. Things is not a film that was ever made illegal but is said to be quite horrific in a different sense-unbelievably low budget, badly made and incoherent. Clips I've seen of Things are pretty funny. It is worth noting that both Burning Moon and Things are released by an odd little company called Intervision Pictures. Intervision Pictures seems to be a company to really watch, they've seemed to specialize in very odd low budget releases such as Burning Moon and things. There's a Canadian shot-on-video slasher movie entitled Sledgehammer that they put out as well as a 90's film about Jeffery Dahmer, another straight-to-video film oddity. The Dahmer film that Intervision Pictures re-released is also on YouTube. I'm more than happy to review a film I don't have to pay to see, so there's a chance I'll take a look at that at some point soon. Sledgehammer looks really intriguing. I actually came across this review of Sledgehammer that goes it high marks and says that it is actually amazing filmmaking. From what I've heard, I'd agree with the reviewer about the soundtrack. I have a real affection for the incidental music in 80's horror films. It is not surprising that ultra-low budget video oddities from the 80's would have incredible soundtracks like that. I will withhold judgement on whether or not I think the odd use of slow motion in Sledgehammer really constitutes some unappreciated form of brilliant filmmaking until I've seen the film, I probably will watch it though.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Extreme Asian Torture Cinema Fun with Men Behind the Sun!

Spring is upon us, and couples are likely to be looking for a light romantic comedy to watch as a date movie. It's mid march and we'd all like to be holding hands in the theater with that special someone. This is my recommendation for a light hearted comedy- Men Behind the Sun. I learned of this film by way of a video of a Q and A session with Laurence Harvey, the actor who played the lead in Human Centipede 2. as all things on this blog seem to circle back to Human Centipede 2. Men Behind the Sun was initially banned in the nation of Australia when it was released in the late 80's. This film is the real deal, an account of Camp 731 in Manchuria where the Japanese army supposedly conducted experiments on biological and chemical weapons on Russian, Chinese, and Korean prisoners of war towards the end of the second world war. The main character of the film is the actual historical figure Shiro Ishii, a microbiologist and general in the Japanese army. Supposedly, it includes actual footage of an autopsy, or so the director T.F. Mou claimed. Miraculously, the film has reincarnated on YouTube without being censored. The screams in this film are absolutely spectacular. Sequences involving poison gas, frostbite, and bacterial weapons in this film are sure to shock the most jaded audiences. There is a subplot about youth corps stationed their (i.e young boys) befriending a young mute who is used for organ harvesting. Towards the end, after Hiroshima, the soldiers at the camp race to destroy all evidence of the camps existence. The film apparently has sequels, one of which is about the Rape of Nanking. I'm not sure if any of the sequels were banned anywhere, which is of course the truest mark of success for a film of this kind, although as I've previously admitted, I'm not partial to Nekromantiks. I have included some particularly violent and disturbing footage from the film here. Be forewarned, it is quite graphic.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Words of Wisdom from Occupy Supporter Henry Rollins, Bunny Game Release

This is an 80's interview with Henry Rollins, then of the band Black Flag. This will surprise exactly no one, but he is now a supporter of the Occupy movement. Why? Well, you can look up the interviews he's given on the subject and try to make sense of them, I can't honestly say I have the time myself, having looked at them. I was never a huge fan of "hardcore" music even as a teenager. In other news that someone might actually care about, if you've read this blog recently, you may remember of a review I did of a film called The Bunny Game that's banned in the UK, and involves a whole lot of footage of trucker torturing a meth addict prostitute. Fangoria is reporting today that The Bunny Game will be the first DVD release from a brand new distribution company, so that will now become easily available.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Human Centipede 3 in Production, Prometheus to be Released in IMAX 3D

Some people prefer Dieter Laser in the original Human Centipede as Doctor Heiter, some people prefer Laurence Harvey in the 2nd film as Martin, but I am pleased to say both actors will return for 3, as will director Tom Six, who will also act in the film, and based on the general direction of 2, the strong speculation is that Laurence Harvey, Dieter Laser and Tom Six will play themselves in the film. It is being filmed here in the United States. I am very pleased about this. When I wrote about Human Centipede 2 getting banned months ago, it really got a good bit of hits and opened up entirely new audiences for me. It was even supposedly true that the Human Centipede sculpture that appeared at the Occupy Wall St protests was influenced and inspired by my writing on the film. That was hilarious because I was never involved with or truly sympathetic to Occupy, and have since grown disdainful of it. For these reasons the Human Centipede films and in particular Human Centipede 2 are obviously very close to my heart. It really gave me an angle that allowed me to expand my readership. Naturally, I am beside myself at being able to see Dieter Laser and Laurence Harvey on the same screen. Tom Six says 3 will be even more violent and disturbing than 2, which is going some, sense 2 was banned in the U.K. until they made 32 something cuts to it. I would expect that similar controversies will surround part 3, which of course would give me even more to blog about. Well, that will be quite a wait though. Here is more immediate good news. The Alien semi-prequel Prometheus directed by Ridley Scott will be shown on IMAX 3D. This information was just released today. Not this week but next a full trailer for Prometheus will be coming out, so expect also to see that on this page as well.

The Theme to Cannibal Holocaust

Last post, I wrote that even though Cannibal Holocaust was banned, I didn't feel like going back and watching Cannibal Holocaust for the third time in recent years to do a full review. However, it will be a whole year until Human Centipede 3 comes out and probably a week and a half until my copy of The Burning Moon comes in the mail. I will rather than watching the entirety of Cannibal Holocaust again address one aspect of the film as an angle in. That angle will be the highly unusual theme music that was used for the film. I've heard people say that whoever chose that soundtrack for the film should have been fired. I disagree. I think it is a highly effective soundtrack by Riz Ortolani. This is a score to a film about total annihilation made illegal in many countries. The theme has an early synthesizer on it, but is really a highly orchestrated piece of 70's easy listening. However, in the film it comes off as an ironic foreshadowing of total annihilation. It's extremely distinctive. Parts of the film do use incidental music of a more conventional horror film nature. But it is really the theme that evokes true dread, true annihilation, mass death. It is truly sick and truly ominous. It's the most perverse aspect of the film, the theme music signaling perhaps through irony rape, mass death and cannibalism.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Coming Soon, Olaf Ittenbach's The Burning Moon!

Burning Moon is a German "film" (it was shoot on video) released made in 1992 by Olaf Ittenbach in Germany in 1992 and originally released on VHS in 1997. It has apparently been banned in Germany for roughly 20 years. It so happens that it is being released in the United States by Severin films next week and it so happened that I have pre-ordered a copy. From YouTube clips and the fact it was banned It was clear that this is a film that I could not resist the opportunity to review. Along with the recent bans on films like the Bunny Game, A Serbian Film, and Human Centipede 2, which I've written on here and on the Jerry Magoo webpage, there are a number of older European horror films that were banned such as Cannibal Holocaust and Nekromantiks. Cannibal Holocaust is a good film but I've seen it twice in recent years and I don't feel like sitting through it again. Nerkomantks Ive seen I believe twice in college, I don't recall it being an especially good film. I wouldn't say I'm offended by or that it should be illegal but it's really gross and I don't feel like watching it again, which I would have to do in order to give it a fair critique. The Burning Moon I'd never even heard of, but once it came up, I knew this was a film that had to be examined quite closely especially. I can guarantee to bring you a review as soon as the DVD arrives.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Ted Bundy's Final Interview and the Detective Magazines he Mentions in it...

I've been sort of curious about this detail for a while, and since it's the kind of excrement that gets on the text blog, I'm going to go ahead with documenting it. The final interview with world famous serial killer Ted Bundy was conducted by Evangelical figure James Dobson (Bundy found Christ in prison). The content of the interview largely concerns his addiction to pornography and the ways in which he was influenced by pornography. He made enigmatic reference to Detective Magazines and I was somewhat curious about what he was talking about. Apparently, it was this decrepit fecal matter that Bundy got off on- Images of women bound and/or gaged for purposes of rape, in some cases murder, that presumably went along with some sort of true crime or pulp crime writing type material. I suppose that answers my curiosity. I wouldn't say that it surprises me at all. It is unclear whether of not this was the causality of his sickness or merely symptomatic of it. My guess is that it is actually more so a mere symptom rather than a cause. I don't see the fascination with these detective magazine covers. Too me, these are just some dirty pictures. I'll move on to reading up on something else tomorrow, surely. Bundy seemed to feel it was an important factor, although at points in the Dobson interview he seemed to contradict himself by saying he did not blame pornography for his crimes. I've decided to include some of these images here along with the Dobson/Bundy interview.

Raped and Impregnated by a Monster Back in the 80's Part 5: Redneck Zombies

Monster impregnation by means of rape was used as a plot device in so many low budget 80's horror films, that I've done 5 blogs on the subject. It is also the case that these have been generally among the more successful blogs I've done in terms of hits, in so far as there would appear to be a lot of people out there looking for pornographic images of women being raped such as we would find in Japanese tentacle hentai, the genre of Japanese animated pornography focusing on females begin raped by creatures with tentacles. If someone wants to watch the "film" (it was shot on video) Redneck Monsters for that reason alone they are likely to be disappointed. It's only at the end that a character is raped by one of the redneck zombies, and the radioactive fetus is shown glowing, but we never witness a monster birth in this film as we do in films like Inseminoid. This is to say that it was only ever used as a minor plot device in the film, a gag at the end. Redneck Zombies is more likely to appeal to fans of gore, and fans of horror films that are intentionally stupid for the sake of laughs. Giving the film plot synopsis is attributing the film with more analysis than it deserves or even wants. A military officer accidentally looses a barrel of toxic nuclear waste, it ends up in the "redneck" characters moonshine. These "rednecks" are purely regional stereotypes of the white rural underclass. They turn into zombies. There's a couple of campers that get slaughtered. Probably the funniest bit is this part in which the "black guy" character amidst the campers starts tripping on some LSD he took earlier without telling anyone and is expected to perform an autopsy. This probably the highlight of the entire film.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Academic Hackery: Occupy, The New Atheism, Speculative Realism

Occupy I have already discussed on this blog a lot, and would like to save discussion of for my Blog talk radio show WheatonLeaks where discussion of it would actually have an audience. I don't like Occupy at all, I don't care for David Greaber. I'm not a leftist at all, but rather a member of the Libertarian Party and a proud gun owner. David Greaber is an annoying pedant, and his followers have taken up the most bureaucratic and pointless cause of late, which is that they protested the Whitney Biennial in New York. It is extremely telling, as I have noted, that the F.B.I is currently more concerned with the Sovereign Citizens movement than with Occupy. Occupy is a real non-revolution in a lot of ways. I discussed the New Atheism yesterday on here yesterday. As I've noted, I hate the New Atheism. They are angry, bigoted, nasty people who do not simply disbelieve in the existence of God, but hate people who do believing in God with a deep rooted fanaticism. I've been continuing to see it argued and argued well, by the Christian analytic philosopher William Lane Craig as well as reviewers in mainstream publications like Harper's, that New Atheists like Dawkins and the late Christopher Hitchens are poor philosophers. The best thing about the New Atheists is watching William Lane Craig take these guys on, which is a lot of fun. Of course William Lane Craig is absolutely right, the New Atheism is an ugly excuse for "thought". Then there's also speculative realism. I could see some of the writing that I do lumped in with this movement in a way, but this would be deeply deceptive. Some of them have a thing for writing on the black metal phenomenon like I do, but I think that's where the similarities end. I've tried to look into speculative realism, it doesn't really work for me or interest me that much. Probably even William Lane Craig actually does a lot of what the speculative realists are trying to do with a greater degree of success. That's my hunch.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

William Lane Craig and the New Atheism

In my view, the New Atheist movement espoused and developed by people like the late Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins is an ugly, bigoted, hateful movement. I just kicked a New Atheist off my Facebook page for attacking the Mormon faith constantly, being as that I live in a city which is something like 15-20% Mormon. What I didn't understand about the New Atheist movement is that it is not just that they don't believe in God it is that they hate the belief in God and by extension hate religious people. Our military is filled with Evangelicals, our Federal Bureau of Investigation is filled with Mormons. In fact, the F.B.I was once subject to a discrimination lawsuit due to the dominance of Mormons within it. Regardless of what Evangelicals in the U.S. military or Mormons in law enforcement believe or don't believe, I feel it is irrational to hate such individuals or to disrespect such individuals. They New Atheists are not like that. These are obsessive, angry, bitter individuals driven by an obsessive need to feel that they are smarter. A New Atheist is smarter than a large chunk of the F.B.I. because they agree with Christopher Hitchens? I find that hard to swallow. I was deeply surprised to see where some of their more vocal intellectual opponents came out of. I was not in college especially a fan of anglo-american "analytical" philosophy, associating it with an overly rational, cold, logistical world view which favored the disciplines of math and science. I've been very much wrong in my assumptions. Analytical philosopher Bertrand Russell wrote book called "Why I am Not a Christian" many years ago. However, a lot of these analytical philosophy folks are now into Christian theology. One such figure, William Lane Craig, is into debating the New Atheists. He maintains that they are inept and juvenile philosophers. Where I can say with the most sincerity that I agree with William Lane Craig is the assertion that these New Atheists are not the intellectual elite that they might have us believe. Again, I hardly believe some undergraduate philosophy major is smarter than a good chunk of F.B.I agents that ascribe to the Mormon faith. That's a fairly absurd thing to believe, and I just don't buy it. For those who will attack William Lane Craig, it is worth my noting that the review of Richard Dawkins book The God Delusion was utterly banned by a non-Evangelical author in the mainstream publication Harper's, the author also claiming that it was juvenile thought.

This Week In the Absurd: School Shooting and the Occupy Protests of The Whitney Biennial

There was another school shooting this week in Ohio. One T.J. Lane in Chardon Ohio let out ten shoots with a .22 caliber handgun and killed three fellow students. The shooting probably means that we're going to get another round of gun control hysteria in the media. I'm a NRA Certified Firearms Instructor and a registered member of the Libertarian Party of Nevada, so of course I hold the contrary opinion. This time around, I saw a statistic today about this particular shooting that made my jaw drop, however. This is CBS news quoting the U.S. Secret Service. This is one of the most absurd statistics I've ever read. "According to statistics from the U.S. Secret Service, which started compiling data on school shootings after the attack at Columbine High School in 1999, at least one other person had some prior knowledge of an attacker's plan in 81 percent of incidents. In 59 percent of incidents, more than one other person had some prior knowledge."- I generally see the number of American homes with guns in them cited at about 35%, including, of course, my own. The number of people who commit violent crimes is obviously minute in comparison. The above static would suggest that the problem with school shootings is something else. That is to say, most of the time with school shootings at least one person and more than half of the time more than one person knows that the attacker plans to attack before hand. Most of these attacks transpire because people in our society know about mentally disturbed and dangerous individuals, don't report them and do absolutely nothing about it. It's right up there with the parole officers who never checked the sheds in Phillip Garrido's backyard. You can't really blame guns for that. A gigantic mass shooting accured recently in Norway, which has much stricter gun laws than the U.S. does. This school shooting won't cause any changes to U.S gun laws anyway. Moving along to matters equally stupid, another news item this week struck me as especially absurd. This is a strange one involving a faction of Occupy Wall St called Arts and Labour protesting of all things the Whitney Biennial. Quoting Arts and Labour- "We object to the biennial in its current form because it upholds a system that benefits collectors, trustees, and corporations at the expense of art workers. The biennial perpetuates the myth that art functions like other professional careers and that selection and participation in the exhibition, for which artists themselves are not compensated, will secure a sustainable vocation. This fallacy encourages many young artists to incur debt from which they will never be free and supports a culture industry and financial and cultural institutions that profit from their labors and financial servitude." I've heard Occupy leader David Greaber admit that many to he members of Occupy got out of liberal arts schools and couldn't find jobs or pay off their college debts. It Kind of seems like OWS are the victims less of Wall St. and more of the liberal arts system, doesn't it? I think the Arts and Labour protest of the Whitney bespeaks to that. These are people that thought having something like a degree in something like film or gender studies would give them financial stability, and it didn't, which would help to explain why they are deeply concerned with the labour rights of artists. The reasoning seems to be "we got out of college and have no jobs...but we can spout leftist dogma...which has no market value... so the problem is the market...not the liberal arts school system…". I think there's a flaw in that reasoning. I also don't think protesting the Whitney Biennial is going to change a whole lot. I don't even know why they care. Are they angry because they're not featured in the Whitney Biennial? Exactly how bureaucratic does these Occupy people intend to become? Does anybody really want a board of Arts and Labour composed of Occupy members looking over art exhibitions to determine if they adhere to party line? Certainly one advantage of the number of guns in the United States is that it would make very difficult for a movement like Occupy to gain real power in this country. Not only do 35% of American homes have guns in them, gun owners in the United States tend to belong to demographics who would not submit easily to the rule of leftist extremists- conservatives, libertarians, Mormons and Evangelicals, military. In the case of Occupy, I'm not losing sleep over that happening. I don't even think they're going to be able to effect the Whitney Biennial.