Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Racist Elmo Video

Here it is, footage of the Central Park Elmo impersonator ranting about the Jews, using the f-word, and getting arrested ultimnately. As sort of a side note, Elmo here makes refference to a body of anti-semetic writings by Henry Ford. It comes up every once and a while that Henry Ford was an anti-semite, not often. I suppose this does not belong tightly within the topic of horror cinema, but is certainly a kind of shock video. I really had no idea Elmo had it in him.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Max McDonald and Goodnight Gunfight Part 2

A previous blog on Max McDonald and Goodnight Gunfight dealt with an unused interview I did with a band called Goodnight Gunfight for a magazine I owned that didn’t really go anywhere sales wise called AeonElectron, and how I attempted to use the band to try and anchor an interview with Phil Spector threw them, but couldn’t stand them, so gave up. I actually once was in a conversation with a member of Spector’s legal team where I told that story in brief. It also made fun of their friend Max MacDonald, the son of Ian McDonald of Foreigner and King Crimson. Jessie whatever her name is from Goodnight Gunfight found it on-line and re-posted it. This was pretty much exactly the purpose for which the blog was posted. After it was reposted it got a fair few hits, I was excited to see. The thing is though that that was nearly a year ago that I wrote that thing, and now it is clear two principle things. Mostly the only blogs that get any hits are 1.) Expressions of my right wing political views on blog talk radio, banking off my grandfather’s name. 2) horror films reviews or topics related to horror films. It’s not simply horror reviews, but horror reviews that tend to involve a lot of sick and deranged kind of stuff. People are always looking around for snuff flicks which don’t really exist, and so writing about. So the strategy of making fun of New York artsy types to create a stir was one I largely abandoned by the time Jessie whatever her name is from Goodnight Gunfight found the post, all though I was glad to have been able to have gotten couple hits on that. It should be stressed that is some terrible, terrible music. I think that almost all bands are pretty much wretched and not worth getting excited about to be totally honest. Goodnight Gunfight they weren’t even nice, really. Around the same time I interviewed them I walked into a fetish club and got surrounded by a group of women in their early twenties, one of who said “ You’re our bitch now.” At which pointed I was tied up and spanked and clawed etc, by the group of young women. So it was easier to get play at that point by doing fetish club type stuff. That was more chicks than were even in Goodnight Gunfight. So I’ll still stand by my general opinion that Goodnight Gunfight had no reason to exist and less reason to be worth interviewing. The blog bitching about them got more attention than the interview would have.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Impregnated with a Tentacle Monster: Prometheus Review

I apologize for the title of the post. In order to get larger numbers of hits I have made named it as such so this post could be mistaken for Japanese tentacle hentai porn, which gets all kinds of websearches. This post is actually mostly a review of the film Prometheus. You have to meet your audience half way. Prometheus does have part in which a woman is impregnated with a tentacle monster, so this blog talks a little bit about that they want, a little bit about what i want to talk about. Ridley Scott has been gloating a little bit about how brilliant his new Alien prequel is (there was some question about whether Prometheus was an Alien prequel-it very much is). The general premise I think is perhaps more clever and engaging then the film itself is. Basically, these humans find these ancient cave drawings and ancient pictograms displaying gigantic beings pointing at a star- they think it’s an invitation from the aliens called “the Engineers” to come visit them. They go to the planet in the star map and their understanding of the pictograms is all wrong and what they stumble into is a planet which is a military outpost and they walk into a biological weapon storehouse. The aliens are the same alien in the chair at the beginning of alien. The implication, which actually makes the original Alien make more sense, is that the xenomorphs from the Aliens films was one of their weapons. That would explain why the alien was able to gestate in a human host, it was designed as a weapon to specifically do that. Some variation of the Xenomorph species makes a cameo at the very end popping out of the Engineers’ chest. The Elizabeth Shaw character, one of the scientist is impregnated with a tentacle creature that is some variation on the “facehugger” from the Alien films. I don’t feel like writing out an entire plot synopsis of it because that is boring and plot synopsis of Prometheus are widely available on-line elsewhere. I was very excited that this film was coming out and it is a satisfying and watchable film. I don’t think Ridley Scott is being nearly as philosophically interesting as he thinks he’s being by basing a film around the idea that aliens created the human race, which is an idea that come up here and there in UFO books and such. They left a number of things unresolved certainly with the intention of doing a franchise that would be a kind of Alien spin off franchise with Elizabeth Shaw as the new Ripley character. I got a kick out of the nasty irony of the general premise though. I sided with the Engineers for being a ruthless, militaristic race. It’s pretty good, I like it. Not as good as I thought it would be, but pretty good.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Extreme Snuff and Cartoon Porn Action!: Luka Magnotta’s 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick and Josh Powell’s Spongebob Squarepants Porn Collection

Today saw the arrest of Luka Magnotta, one gay porn star from Montreal in Berlin. Magnotta is accused of killing a Chinese student, dismembering the body, having sex with the body, and video tapping it, and mailing a dismembered foot to the headquarters of the Canadian Conservative Party. I blogged on the case a few days ago, which attracted attention mostly from people looking for the video, which is entitled “1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick”. It is till unclear whether or not Magnotta's video meets the definition of "snuff film" because it is unclear if he wanted to sell the video. The blog post about Magnotta is still surpassed in popularity by my blog posts on the subject of Josh Powell, who set his two sons and himself on fire in relation to a custody battle he was likely to lose because hundreds of images of cartoon characters such as Spongebob Squarepants engaging in sexual and sometimes incestuous acts where found in his possession. The case of Powell and the case of Magnotta are parallel in certain ways. In the case of Powell, my blog gets thousands of hits from people looking for the Spongebob Squarepants porn just as the hundreds of hits that my blog on Luka Magnotta got have been mostly from people looking for “1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick”. The notion that there is no relationship between violent crime and pornography is clearly false. In these cases we see extreme pornography of one kind or another as fetishes of the perpetrators. In the case of Magnotta pornography was also, of course, his occupation. It looks like Josh Powell had previously gotten away with killing his wife Susan Powell, so Josh Powell had a certain degree of competency as a criminal. Magnotta was caught within days and was an especially sloppy and incompetent criminal. In both cases we are talking about minds in states of extreme decay, but Magnotta was particularly non-functional. The psyche of an individual like Magnotta is not sophisticated. Josh Powel died by suicide (he burned alive) and Magnotta will surely go to prison for years, so neither story ends well for the perpetrator. I get very bored of writing about this kind of fecal matter, but audiences do not get bored of looking it up. It is of some slightly tangential relationship to the primary subject of this blog, which has become horror films due to public interest.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Real Snuff Flick Surfaces???? 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick

For reasons well beyond my understanding, one of the topics of greatest interest on this blog has been whether or not snuff films actually exist and a lot of that seems to be from people in search of them. I think a video as close as anything you’re ever going to see surfaced this week under the title I Lunatic 1 Ice Pick and it comes from Montreal . It was apparently made by this gay porn star Luka Magnotta, who supposedly mailed the foot of his victim to the headquarters of Canada’s Conservative Party. Magnotta is a wanted man. The victim was identified as a Chinese student named Jun Lin. I don’t feel it is appropriate to include a link here, but it is largely circulated on-line. Part of the definition of a “snuff film” is that the murder must be videotaped for the sake of profit, and it is not clear that Luka Magnotta had profit in mind, but if he did, then this is an authentic snuff film, apparently. Otherwise it is close to matching the definition of a snuff film, but is not quite a snuff film, but if the intention was ever to sell the video, then yes, I Ice Pick 1 Lunatic is a snuff film. The video involves real cannibalism and necrophilia, so if not true to the letter of the definition of snuff, it would appear to be very close to the spirit of the definition of snuff. Magnotta apparently had a previous video of himself killing and having sex with the corpses of kittens which is also floating around. As the Magnotta case develops I think it should be more apparent whether or not 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick constitutes real snuff or something very close. I think it’s kind of a mote point myself. It's all just sort of sick and gross to me, I don't see the appeal or understand the mindset behind it. I've addressed the subject repeatdly on here as it came up as a tangent writing on the topic of horror films, and this tangent attracts a lot of public interest. Updtae 6/4: Magnotta was arrested in Berlin today. This is important to stress: Magnotta was not a smooth criminal or a criminal genius as he perhaps imagined himself. The myth of an extensive "snuff flick" black market is unlikely for the very reason that this case indicates. It would be a very easy crime to catch someone at. If snuff films do indeed exist it is probably a very small circulation. It reamins to be seen that I Lunatic 1 Ice Pick constitutes an authentic snuff film in so far as it is unclear if Magnotta intended to sell the video.