Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More on The Bunny Game, Human Centipede 2 and the BBFC...

So I’ve read this document I got off of the Facebook page of Adam Rehmeier who directed The Bunny Game that is a study conducted for the BBFC (who’ve banned and cut a slew of horror films in recent years, including The Bunny Game and Human Centipede 2) on sexual violence and sadism in films done on a study group in the UK.  I’m way too lazy to bother looking for the link, it’s on Adam Rehmeir’s FB page if you’re really interested in it.  The general purpose of the study is to justify censorship.  But I so enjoyed reading it.   The films discussed in the study include Antichrist, Wolf Creek, Martyrs, the Killer Inside Me, I Spit on Your Grave (the remake), A Serbian Film, Human Centipede 2, the Bunny Game, and the Japanese film Grotesque.  All these films were either given 18 certificates, massive forced cuts in scenes, or in the case of The Bunny Game and Grotesque, completely banned in the UK altogether.     I haven’t seen Wolf Creek or the Killer Inside Me, I will have to check those out.  I’ve seen the original I Spit on Your Grave, but I did not have any intention of seeing the remake, but since it made it into this stupid BBFC study, I will now have to go and check it out.   I didn’t like Grotesque that much when I saw it even though the BBFC had banned it, but I may have to give it another shot, based on reading this report.  All the films on this report in a sense are classics by the mere fact that they made it on to this preposterous report.  Don’t get me wrong- I loved reading this report.  It’s like a who’s who of contemporary horror cinema.  I could spend hours and hours re-reading the plot synopsis again and again of many of my favorite films.  You know how serial killers get excited re-living their own crimes and such?  That’s how I felt reading descriptions of scenes from all those horror films.  I was always kind of into horror films, but when I really got into horror films was when I moved to Vegas because I found this place the Sci-Fi Center where I work now that screened them for five dollars.  That’s around the time that Martyrs and Human Centipede and those kinds of films started coming out, so I have a real affection for some of these films.  I’m a little surprised that Dead Snow did not make the list, that’s a good one.   Are those films vulgar, repulsive, or sinful if you want to be religious about it?  I would probably say that they are if I really thought about it for a while.  That does not in and of itself give reason for such films to be censored or banned.  The people who made those films did accomplish what they sought out to accomplish in making those films which was in essence to make intense and terrifying horror films.  I’ve read Tom Six quoted as being upset about the since lifted ban of Human Centipede 2 in the UK, but it would almost seem the highest honor a film of the kind could receive.  I do feel to be honest a kind of impetus to move on and do other things. I’ve gotten sick of being the Human Centipede review guy.  What I have learned from putting out books that didn’t sell at all in my 20’s is that now I post based on what gets the most hits and that’s ended up being for the most part horror movie reviews and right wing internet radio.  I did get a fair bit of attention from writing on some of these very same films discussed in the study, in some cases overseas and from some fairly serious art world and academic types in Germany and the UK.  Based on that I suppose in that sense I was able to get a kind of prestige and sense of reward out of it. So are these immoral films that I regret having watched? Yes and no.  That film Martyrs is really good.  Antichrist is a good film.  Human Centipede 2 and A Serbian Film, I could certainly see where people would find these films objectionable but there is actually a certain artistry that is there.  Members of this stupid BBFC study groups suggested that the films may lead to a glorification of sexual violence, particularly in young men.   I hate to inform the BBFC, but people commit rape and films do not commit rape. The UK, of course, banned conservative radio show host Michael Savage from entering the country, so their little fetish for censorship doesn’t stop with horror films featuring rape and/or torture sequences.  They also suppress political material on the grounds of being “hate speech”, so it is really a very serious issue.  The state apparatus perpetuates its own existence by such censorship.  That’s true especially if it’s someone like Michael Savage who spends a lot of time challenging the appropriate place of government.  So the British government doesn’t have a leg to stand on with any of this. The closest I’ve ever come to being offended by Adam Rehmeier is when he posted that he didn’t like Prometheus, which is one of my favorites.  I have always admired Adam Rehmeier, Human Centipede 2 director Tom Six, and Michael Savage for being banned in the UK.  I was able to tell Adam Rehmeier this personally on FB, which he thanked me for.   They have effectively spat in the face of political correctness and for this they should be applauded.    I’ve also always admired Ron Paul, Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin for being called out in the MIAC documents. Hey, I’m a libertarian, I don’t like socialist censorship. I also watch hours and hours of horror films and listen to hours and hours of right wing radio. You know I have to, it’s the way I charm the ladies.  There are those two things, and being extremely closed minded about a very slim number of either old gothic/industrial type bands or older metal bands being the only bands worth listening to.   I mean, how else do you attract women other than being able to listen to hours and hours of right wing radio on end and being obsessed with the Bunny Game and Human Centipede 2?

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