Monday, August 8, 2011

Raped and Impregnated by a Monster Back in the 80’s: Part 2

The most popular blog on here was a review that focused on a sub-genre of films that existed in the 80’s in which the plot involves women being raped and impregnated by aliens and other monsters. Of everything that I’ve had the most misfortune of reviewing, that of all things is what gets the most attention. The first blog about this specifically focused on the films The Beast Within and Breeders. I then reviewed another film of this subgenre, Xtro, in a separate review. I was amazed at how many people did Google searches on this kind of material, looking for images of women being raped by inhuman creatures. There is some kind of sick fantasy that people would seem to have about women being raped by an inhuman or alien creature and then forced to give birth to a hybrid monster/human offspring. There is an entire subgenre of Japanese animation called “tentacle hentai” which deals with women-often in schoolgirl uniforms, being raped by monsters with tentacles. There is another reason I review these films. My opinion is that the real story these days in terms of extreme horror film and video is Human Centipede 2, but since it was banned in the U.K. it’s unclear what the release plans for it will be or when we may actually be able to see the film. In the meantime, I’ve taken a little time to explore older extreme horror videos, so I’ve gone through the Guinea Pig series from Japan and the alien rape and impregnation films. There are two films that I have mentioned but haven’t focused on, Humanoids from the Deep (also released as Monster) from 1980 and Inseminoid (also known as Horror Planet) from 1981.
Humanoids from the Deep is a Roger Corman produced piece of crap that features monsters that are essentially knock-offs of the Creature from the Black Lagoon. The story takes place in a small fishing town in the Pacific Northwest. This fishing town is incredible in that all the women in the town appear to have large breasts, many of which are shown in the film whether it has anything to do with the plot at all. Of course, the creatures come out, attack the town, rape women, the like. There’s some subplot about a conflict between the local Native Americans and the white fisherman in town. There’s a corporation that is doing experiments to produce bigger salmon. The corporation have inadvertently caused the creation of the monsters. The last scene is a female character giving birth to a monster, in a sequence that is a variation on the famous scene of the baby alien popping out of the stomach in Alien. If you have a fetish for naked women running away from sea creatures, this film is all you babe.
Inseminoid is a British film made by Norman J. Warren, a director whose work you’ll find in those multi-DVD deals with many different horror films on discount on them. I reviewed two of his other films on here, Satan’s Slave and Prey. Norman J. Warren is known to be a little on the sleaze side, with plenty of nudity that occurs for no real reason, so of course he had to have his entry into the alien rape and impregnation subgenre. He did an alien-rape and impregnation film hard. A co-ed crew of astronauts is doing a dig on a planet whose race is supposedly extinct- except, that of course, it’s not. In brief, a crewmember, Sandy, gets raped and impregnated by an alien monster. While she’s expecting, she gains superhuman strength and starts slaughtering the rest of the crew. There is an extremely graphic sequence of her giving birth to twin alien monsters. The special effects on the babies are abysmal. The soundtrack for the film consists of about five notes on an early synth and a simple drum machine beat. If you get off on alien rape fantasies with five notes on the early synths playing in the background, this film is all you babe.

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